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Understanding Our Dreams

What is the method by which we can understand our dreams?
Understanding Our Dreams

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Dream Journal and Dream Interpretation

An article on creating your own Dream Journal with tips and techniques on Dream Interpretation.
Dream Journal and Dream Interpretation

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Dream Interpretation of a Supernatural Dream

Find out how you can interpret a Supernatural dream.

Dream Interpretation of a Supernatural Dream

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SEO Copywriting Essentials

1. Create an appropriate Theme related to the Niche of your website.
2. Keyword Research related to your site is vital.
3. Create useful content related to your Niche site.
4. Title Tags are useful for your web articles.
5. Placement of Keywords should be done carefully for maximum exposure.
6. Keywords need to be strategically placed in your content.
7. Synonyms of Keywords should be used.
8. Meta Tags need to be entered onto the site and within the content.
9. Images should be used instead of text.
10. Originality of content is extremely essential.
11. The Whole Site needs to be Optimized for best results.
12. Link your site to other related Niche sites.
13. Maintain a proper Word Count for your articles.
14. Keywords should be used at appropriate sections in your content.
15. An Effective Landing Page needs to be planned, created and developed.
16. Statistics related to your site, like web visitors and Tags need to be studied and analysed.
17. Create Back-links to your Content, which link to other…

Copywriting Hype!

Exaggeration does help when it comes to Copywriting, in order to sell a service or a product. The truth can sometimes be stretched or made more elaborate in order to get people interested. Write great Hype and Gain a Copywriting Stripe!

The Art of Copywriting

How to earn money on the Web

How to earn money on the Web
This is a great website on Earning Money on the web, with links to some really great websites to making money at home.

Mum's First Death Anniversary

My Mum, Joan Brown passed away one year ago on the 10th of August 2008. We miss her very much and there will always be an empty space in our lives.


British merchants came.
Soldiers followed for
adventure and fame.
The traders now set up
four colonies
To implement the trade
Charter policies.
When Britons took
native girls for their brides
All the girls parents
would cast them aside.
The outcast lady's issue
would now be
An Anglo-Indian in History.
In the past our Heroes were
Sir Gidney and James Kyd.
Now,they are Norman Hutchinson
and Peter Sarsted.
The next generation
steps in with their sole mission,
To fulfill,the Anglo-Indian Vision.ANGLO-INDIAN HEROES,MYTHS AND LEGENDS BY WARREN BROWNEvery race on the planet takes pride in its Heroes and its
Legends. From Genghis Khan, Aurangzeb,Shivaji to Oliver Cromwell,
human civilization has brought forth its heroes, during times of
fear and oppression, for people to follow, aspire to and emulate.The
Anglo-Indian community also has its share of courageous soldiers
and adventurers who fou…


FOREX ON THE WEBForeign Exchange refers to the buying and selling of foreign currency. There have been a number of FOREX Millionaires who have made their fortunes with foreign exchange.

I have listed a few of the Definitions of Foreign Exchange for your interest:
Definitions of FOREX on the Web:

• The foreign exchange market (currency, forex, or FX) is where currency trading takes place. It is where banks and other official institutions ...

• Foreign Exchange

• The foreign exchange market, where brokerage firms and banks are connected over an electronic network that allows them to convert the currencies ...

• The simultaneous buying of one currency and selling of another.

• An over the counter market where buyers and sellers conduct foreign exchange transactions.

• Forex is shor…