Sunday, September 29, 2013

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

FREE Kindle books- 15, 16 September

Hello All,

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Monday, September 09, 2013

That’s Right, Poetry Can Change Your Views of the World

Is Poetry Essential in Your Life?
That’s Right…
Poetry can take you back in time like in a Historical Poem.

That’s Right…..
Poetry can bring the feelings of love and romance into your life.
That’s Right…
Poetry can help you to appreciate the beauty in Nature.
That’s Right…
Poetry can be the Voice for a Cause in Society.

That’s Right Poetry is Essential in Your Life Because You need to Appreciate the Rhyme of Life.

Buy "The Secret Race: Anglo-Indians" Because Every Anglo-Indian Needs a Copy

The book, “The Secret Race: Anglo-Indians” IS NOT

1.       Another History book on the Anglo-Indian community.
2.       Another book about all the glorious accounts of the Anglo-Indian community.
3.       Another book about all the Glory of an Anglo-Indian.

The book, “The Secret Race: Anglo”,

1.       A Personal Perspective on the Anglo-Indian community.
2.       An account of the Anglo-Indian Identity in the 21st Century.
3.       A Request for the Preservation of the dying culture and traditions of the Community.


As an Anglo-Indian you need to know the present Crisis of Identity and Culture faced by the Anglo-Indian Community all over the World.

Saturday, September 07, 2013

The Light Princess at the National Theatre

Win a pair of tickets to see The Light Princess at the National Theatre.

The National Theatre

Tori Amos on her New Musical, "The Light Princess".

Light Princess Tickets on Sale
Tickets are now on sale for the page-to-stage adaptation of the classic fairy tale THE LIGHT PRINCESS, coming after relatively recent news of the long-gestating musical's highly anticipated show in October at the Lyttelton Theatre in the West End.

An American At Downton Abbey

When Catherine Wendell, a beautiful young American, walked down the aisle in the summer of 1922 to meet the heir to the 5th Earl of Carnarvon at the altar she was treading an already well-worn path.

Courtesy: Express

Princess Diana Remembered

A new tribute to the Diana, Princess of Wales has gone on display in Vienna. The white marble bust of the former royal boasts a dedication to the "Queen of hearts", and was created by the sculptor Wolfgang Karnutsch.

Courtesy: MSN News

Diana movie shows poignant last moment of princes with their mother. Naomi Watts portrays Diana in the movie.

Courtesy: Express

Winter is Cornwall

It may have been the hottest summer in the UK for seven years but parts of Cornwall resembled a winter wonderland yesterday following a freak hail storm.

Summer Reads

This Summer Explore the World of Warren Brown with these books. Impostor Assassin Mask of Evil Supernova: A collection of Scienc...