Sunday, March 18, 2018

Net Galley Review of James Bond Kill Chain HC

"This is yet another marvelous James Bond adventure. The story-line is interesting and the graphics are great. This graphic novel captures all the facets of Bond from his style to his action. I like the script for the comic book by Andy Diggle included at the end.I would definitely recommend this book."

Reviewed by Warren Brown on NetGalley

Net Galley Review of Dawn of Affinity

"I enjoyed reading"Dawn of Affinity" by V.J. Deanes. I liked all the characters in the story. The descriptions of the situation which the hero Kalan is a part of in the story are well written. The plot-lines were interesting. The development and the evolution of the main and supporting characters were done well. The human element was ever present in a society with robots, clones and humanesque heroes and villains. I found that the ending of this story was perfect. A great read and you will not be disappointed."

- Reviewed by Warren Brown on NetGalley

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Promotional Blog Post For Your Latest Book- Welcome

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Authors Community

Impostor Assassin the thriller novel featured as a blog post on the "Authors Community" blog by Gina Burgess.
You can read about the inspiration behind the novel thriller, "Impostor Assassin," by Warren Brown.
Impostor Assassin blog post on Authors Community

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Paperback Thriller Novel- Impostor Assassin

The thriller novel "Impostor Assassin" by Warren Brown is now available as a paperback on Amazon,.

A thriller novel about a man willing to risk his life to save the world. Independent publishing is facing a new enemy. This new threat to authors, agents and publishers is everywhere. The mega-corporation SWAMP has taken over the world and it is now taking over lives. 
A legion of assassins are on the hunt for the one person who can stop them, a hero with a vision to save writing and publishing in the world. 
An army of SWAMP Assassins and Impostors keeps the world bowed on its knees under the Sceptre of SWAMP. 
Can one man save publishing in a world controlled by SWAMP? Every Author, Agent, Publisher is not safe from the tentacles of SWAMP Assassins. 
Who can you trust, when anyone could be a SWAMP Assassin, even your own Son?

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