Wednesday, May 27, 2009

When Will You be Famous?

There are a number of people who want to be rich and famous, almost 70 per cent of the world for that matter. Everyone who seeks fame is constantly in search of the right way to do things, to right places to be seen at, the right people to know and the right job or hobby to work act, in order to get noticed.

There are a number of ways to climb up the ladder of fame and success. We have a number of celebrities who have come from simple humble beginnings and who have then become superstars, in no time at all. The famous personalities who have made an impact in the world today and yesterday are in abundance. We have the superstars of yesteryear like Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe who are icons today, in the field of entertainment. We have celebrities in all fields of endeavour, which could fill the pages of several volumes, with their famous quotes on all the aspects of life and love.

This brings us to the main question about, when will you be famous? The point is what would you have to do to be famous? To begin with, it would be a good idea to start blogging on a variety of topics which you feel strongly about. The next step would be to have a good User I.D. which is distinctive and unique, which you can use everywhere on the web for all the sites or blogs you create or for all the social network sites you join in, Facebook and Twitter, for example and for all the web forums you participate in. The third step for you to take, is to create a Youtube account and upload a few videos on topics you are interested in. The fourth step for you to take, is to write a few articles and post them onto article websites, with a proper signature at the end which links back to your blog or website. The articles and the videos you have uploaded onto various sites, represent your Public Relations network, which works for you constantly sending people to your website and blog, while promoting you and your work worldwide, with a minimum investment into publicity.

The fifth and one of the most important steps for you to take is to write a book on a topic you are interested in, so that you can be an authority on the subject. Make sure to publicize your book, with free press releases, articles on blogs and websites and by participating in Forums, which are in your Niche of interest. Within a year, and if you keep constantly updating your Twitter, you will find that you will have over 1,000 followers who are interested in what you have to say. I have found that it has helped having an I.D. like Warrenpeace21 on a variety of networks spread all across the web. The important point to keep in mind is that Fame does not come in a day, but after years of hard work and research. Make Fame your mission, and once you have acquired it and feel sick of it, make sure to hire a good Life Coach like myself, instead of ending your precious life like Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, River Phoenix or Heath Ledger, tragic superstars, innocent victims of Fame and Success.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

The time for Gardening!

Summer has finally arrived here in the United Kingdom. Avid Gardeners are now getting down on all fours and tending lovingly to their plants, whispering sweet-nothings as they plant the little saplings into the warm and nourishing earth.

A whole new range of plant products as well as summer products have now invaded the market. All these new and mostly old products are encouraging us to celebrate the season of summer, form gardening furniture and implements to the skin nourishing creams to protect us against the sunlight.

Friday, May 22, 2009

On Becoming A Romantic Book Hero

The women of this generation and over the last few generations have grown up reading romance novels, the Mills and Boon variety with great interest. Have the expectations of what women want in the ideal man changed due to the strong influence of the genre of the romantic novel? Literature has been a powerful medium of change over the centuries. Have romance novels changed the minds and the attitudes of women towards men for the better or for the worse?

When women search for the ideal man, do they search for the story book personalities which seem so perfect and romantic? The traits of the story book lover and hero is so exciting in the mind of the young school girl, who gradually transforms into the young lady, from the rebellious teenager at College and the strong-minded university student. The novel romantic hero is the type who is usually an outsider, a man with dark shadows lurking in his past, the man who is ready to protect his woman, the man who is blameless to the young woman he loves, the man who only can exist in the realm of the romance book.

What is the secret formula which is necessary for every novelist who sits down to create her romantic hero? The hero is an outsider who enters the world of the heroine, he turns her world upside down, saves her from the evils she has to face, vanquishes the villain who strives to capture her and then finally triumphs to have the fair lady in wrapped in his arms, as their world is bathed in the warmth of romantic glow and sunshine.

It may not be too long now before men start putting pen to paper and writing romantic novels through the male perspective. At least then men will have an idea about what it takes to become a romantic book hero who would appeal to every romantic woman who has grown up on a staple diet of romantic Mills and Boon novels.

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