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Britain's Got Talent semi-Final

Saturday's Semi-Final Show Today of Britain's Got Talent is here with Lettice, Kay and Magic Oake...

Your Copywriter Matters

How would you go about developing a good rapport with your Copywriter?

Debra Jason has a number of useful tips on how you can make your Copywriter give you his or her best work, while developing powerful and effective material for your marketing campaign.

"How To Get More People to RESPOND To Your Offer" is an essential book for every copywriter's library.

Solar Roadways Invented by Scott and Julie Brusaw

It seems like science-fiction, but American inventors Scott and Julie Brusaw have created an invention which converts roadways into solar power stations generating energy. Read more...

Publish a Bestselling Book by Kim Staflund

Read Kim Staflund's latest book on How to publish a Bestselling Book.

Kim' Staflund's other book on Amazon.

Popsicle Recipes

Here are some amazing popsicle recipes which you can try out this summer.

Healthy Herbal Teas

Would you like a nice warm cup of refreshing and healthy herbal Tea? Here is a list of 16 healthy herbal teas.

The Real Science Behind Spiderman 2

Spiderman 2 is filled with a number of real Science labs and suits, along with fictional scientific gizmos and extraordinary mutations which make this movie amazing and worth watching.

Charm and Power for the Season


The Summer of Style and High Fashion


Summer Style

Summer is here and this is the latest collection of shoes and handbags. Enjoy Summer in Style.