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Authors and Productivity

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Space Taxis and The Fifth Element

Would you like to drive or ride in a Space Taxi in outer space, as they did in the movie, "The Fifth Element"?

NASA will begin work to reassemble the Space Station to create parking spots for Two Space Taxis.

The NASA Project should be completed by 2017.

Book Review: After the Raj by Hugh Purcell

The Comments of Warren Brown on “After The Raj: The Last Stayers-On and the Legacy of British India” by Hugh Purcell

The recent book on the Anglo-Indians of India does not do justice to the community, as do so many others:

1. It is just a collection of facts gleaned from other books, written by men who have never lived in India like the stalwarts Frank Anthony among others, who made a big difference in India, as a Founder of the Frank Anthony Public schools.

2. The community has been the object of ridicule and shame for over four hundred years now, since the first British and European men had affairs with Indian women resulting in their progenies called Anglo-Indians or Eurasians.

3. Nothing new can be written about the community, but old facts in new packages. Those of us who attempt to read the books need to endure the unfair comments which the writers offer their readers, in glossy covers, with acid print.

4. Outsiders cannot do justice to the Anglo-Indian community or depict the…

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Happy Valentine's Day

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The Wattpad Phenomenon


Peace Meditation and Pet Care

Meditation for Inner Peace We all need a time and a place to meditate and to restore our inner peace. Daily life can be very hectic and we tend to immerse ourselves into the chaos of chores, duties and responsibilities. Here is a good list of useful Meditation techniques.
Pets and their Benefits in your Life
It is surprising to know that pets even have a purpose to serve in the life of human beings. A few of us are too busy to take care of pets. But, there are so many devoted pet owners who take care of their pets and attend to their every need. There are many beneficial reasons in keeping pets and more of us should think about taking care of pets.…

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London Cycle Deaths- Free Kindle Book

There have been so many accidents involving cyclists and vehicles in the city of London and in busy cities across the world over the past few years. There have been so many who have lost their lives tragically while travelling to work and school in our cities.

Death of A Cyclist

This short story and two poems are a tribute to all those cyclists who have lost their lives on these busy city streets.

Death of a Cyclist [Kindle Edition] 
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