Saturday, February 16, 2008

Success is Your Destiny-DVD

SUCCESS IS YOUR DESTINY Get the latest DVD with videos of Warren speaking about the Secrets to SUCCESS.If you want to be a Success,you must begin a Plan of Action to make your lifeand work more successful.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Invest into Your Success Online

This book shows you how you can make an Investment into your Success online.

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Melvyn Brown and Christmas

Anglo-Indian Chronicler Melvyn Brown, of Calcutta, India speaks about the miracles and the joys of Christmas.

The Spirit of Christmas

Melvyn Brown,Anglo-Indian Chronicler(and my Dad) speaks about the Spirit of Christmas.

Visit the Anglo-Indian website of Melvyn Brown.


This is a poem on the Anglo-Indians.

Who are the Anglo-Indians?

Anglo-Indians are a minority race in India, who are the only race whose mother-tongue is English and who have urban origins and who are Christian by faith. Anglo-indians are the result of affairs and marriages, during Colonial times in India from 1600 AD when the British were in India. British soldiers had children from Indian women, their progeny came to be known as Anglo-Indians.

Master of the Field

This is a poem by Warren on the Farmer, the cultivator the provider for humanity, who is forgotten and undervalued in modern society.

Mind Games

Is life a Game?

Do you control your mind?

Does your mind control your destiny?

Listen to the Mind Game poem and decide for yourself.

Life is a Chessboard!

Life is a Chess-board in Black and in White.

Listen to the poem.

Meditate on the philospohy behind the poem and the poet.

Secret Recipe for Success!

Do you possess the right ingredients to make a success of your life?

You have all the skills and the talents necessary to make your life a success, only you are not aware of it.

Ask Warren, the Success Coach for guidance today.

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Secret Formula for Success!

Do you have the secret formula for Success?

Do you want to Succeed?

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Are you willing to become an Affiliate with minimal investment?

Unlimited Success!

What is Unlimited Success and how can you get it?

Unlimited success is the type of success that you can achieve with guidance and planning from a person who believes in Success and who will be willing to help you to succeed.

Visit the Publish Success website

Visit the Positive Writing website

Success motivators!

Do you have your Success motivators?

Do you feel successful every day?

You can be a Success, if you believe you can.

You can become the Richest person in the world, if you believe you can.

Secret of the Success Book

In this video you will learn about the Secret of the Success book.

Do you keep a notebook?

Do you write down your ideas?

Do you have a million dollar idea?

Yes, you may have and lost one, if you have not written it down.

The Chess-board called Life!

Warren reads his poem The Chess Board called life on You tube.

Is life a Chess-board in Black and in White?

Success Moment by Warren

Warren helps you to discover your Success Moment.

Your Success Moment is the time when you discover that great idea which will make you a fortune.

Do not lose that SUCCESS MOMENT.

Learn Success

Warren Brown on You Tube speaks about Learning Success and how we can all be successful.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Lady of the Sea-Poem by Warren Brown

Upturned brows and eyes deep green,
Partly adorned by shiny scales,
A lady who is often seen
By any man who ocean sails.
He saw her perched amid the rocks,
But, when he did silently creep,
He caught a glimpse of golden locks,
As she dived smoothly into the deep.
Mermaids are part of fantasy,
Later found to be only seals,
Yet, the Legend lives out at Sea,
About mysterious damsels.
-By Warren Brown

India's First Newspaper

The " Bengal Gazette ", founded by James Augustus Hicky was India's First Newspaper. Read all about James Hicky the first New...