Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Poem: The Spaces in the Mind

The Spaces in the Mind by Warren Brown

The hills of the mind
Are barriers to the soul.
The hills of the world
Are the barriers to the goal.

The treacherous climb
To the top of the mountain peak
Is filled with the envy and the greed
Of the treasures we vainly seek.

The depth of the ocean
Hide the treasures of the Soul.
The creatures of the deep
Protect the treasures and gold.

The inky expanse of the Universe
Create a journey into space and nothingness,
While the travel into the valleys of our soul
Can help us to regain our wholeness.

The discover of the complete Man,
And the discovery of the complete woman,
Is a quest few can safely return from
And a search few dare to undertake.
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