Thursday, February 12, 2009

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25 Things About Warren

I enjoy creative writing articles, blogs, stories, poetry and reading non-fiction.
I like cooking Anglo-Indian dishes, as prepared by my Mum, as well as experimenting with exciting Chinese and Indian preparations as well.
I like reading the American Superhero comics.
I love the movies. American movies of all genres. Indian movies historical and period pieces. British movies based on the classic novels, as well as the old comedies, like the Carry ON series and the TV series “Jeeves & Wooster” and “Blackadder”. I love watching comedies and having a hearty laugh.
I am deeply interested in Dreams, mysticism and meaning of Symbols in Art and Architecture.
I am also interested in the Paranormal like UFOs, extra-terrestrials and the unexplained.
I enjoy the medium of the web and have been working on the web since 1998.
I think that there is great potential in Ecommerce and we are just at the beginning of a renaissance in the Golden Age of Internet Marketing.
I am a trained Life Coach and I enjoy helping others to excel and to be a Success in their field of endeavour.
I am interested in Copywriting and I have done a Copywriting course from American Writers and Artists International.
I love my family, family matters a lot to me, from my wife, to my Mum(who passed away recently), my Dad, my sister, my brother-in-law, my two nieces, my nephew, my relatives in India, Australia and Canada.
I value my friends and my network of people who enjoy reading my work and supporting my various causes, both on and off the web.
I love marketing for fresh vegetables, this was due to the fact that Mum and I would do a lot of marketing while growing up.
I love watching the rain, mum and I loved to watch the pouring rain, except when it was lightning and Mum would run back into the room. Rain nourishes the soil and brings with it new life.
I enjoy photography, video filming and have prepared a number of short videos. I also like script-writing and directing of short films.
I really like the world of Publishing and I have been involved with printing and publishing since a very young age and my Dad has been actively a part of the media. I have published a lot of my work on the Lulu self publishing site. I am also a Publishing Consultant helping everyone who wants to be a Writer to prepare and publish their own work, with minimum investment.
I was a librarian for over eleven years at the Goethals Indian Library and Research Society in Calcutta, India. I have the traits of a Librarian and Researcher, which is an added advantage for a writer and publisher on the web.
I have a number of philosophies about life, like we are all here for a purpose, that this is not the end and whatever we do at the beginning of our life will be repeated on in later years in a more magnified way.
I Believe in Miracles and in the Power of the individual to make a positive difference in the World.
I enjoy website making and Affiliate Marketing, especially pasting the HTML code onto a website and watching it take on a whole new life, when it is published on the web.
I find courses on different subjects very fascinating which is why, I have successfully completed different courses over the years. I have completed a number of courses like “Advertising and Public Relations”, “Teachers Training”, “Library Science”, “Entrepreneurship Development Programme”, “Computer Science”, “Life Coaching”, “The Effective Administrator” and “The AWAI Copywriting Program”.
The Indestructible Soul: I Believe that the Soul is indestructible based on the Law of Energy, “that energy is neither created nor destroyed, as it is transformed from one form to another, while remaining constant throughout”. We all have to go back to where we came from and our Soul is energy.
Movies of Special significance for me are given below:
(a) Superman with Christopher Reeve
(b) Sound of Music my Mum’s favourite movie
(c) James Bond, with Roger Moore.
(d)Tarzan movies (Johnny Weismuller and with Christopher Lambert) which I would go and see with my Dad
(e) The Bud Spencer and Terence Hill movies
(f) The Sherlock Holmes series with Jeremy Brett
(g) Silverado
(h) Batman
(i) Star Wars
24. I Believe that it is important in life to have an opinion on everything and to search for information on everything that you find interesting in life. I guess that it is my natural librarian instinct.
25. Take the time to appreciate and record your life, as a source of inspiration and encouragement for your future and to inspire others with your example.
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