Thursday, August 13, 2009

SEO Copywriting Essentials

1. Create an appropriate Theme related to the Niche of your website.
2. Keyword Research related to your site is vital.
3. Create useful content related to your Niche site.
4. Title Tags are useful for your web articles.
5. Placement of Keywords should be done carefully for maximum exposure.
6. Keywords need to be strategically placed in your content.
7. Synonyms of Keywords should be used.
8. Meta Tags need to be entered onto the site and within the content.
9. Images should be used instead of text.
10. Originality of content is extremely essential.
11. The Whole Site needs to be Optimized for best results.
12. Link your site to other related Niche sites.
13. Maintain a proper Word Count for your articles.
14. Keywords should be used at appropriate sections in your content.
15. An Effective Landing Page needs to be planned, created and developed.
16. Statistics related to your site, like web visitors and Tags need to be studied and analysed.
17. Create Back-links to your Content, which link to other related content on other locations or to other websites and blogs.

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