Friday, September 25, 2009

Get Singed with the Fire of Happiness

by Warren Brown

Happiness fills your being
Like a fire which shines
From deep within your heart
From deep within your soul
And brings a smile to your face.

The poorest people
Have the brightest smiles,
On their scarred faces
And in their happy hearts.

The poorest people
Live through their difficulties,
Live through life’s problems,
With a smile on their face
And the fire of happiness
In their generous hearts.

Get singed by the fire,
Let the flames of happiness
Fill your heart today,
Let the flames of happiness
Fill your life today,
Let the flames of happiness
Fill your family today.

It is time for you
To get singed by the fires,
The fires of happiness
The fires of kindness
The fires of charity
The fires of peace
The fires of generosity
The fires of humility
The fires of service.
Get singed by the fires
Of your personal happiness today.

A Poem from the book, "A Romantic Time for Rhyme and Success Poetry"

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