Friday, September 25, 2009

List of my Poems from my New book


1. The Legend of the Robbing Hood
2. The Right Advice
3. The Poetics of Jealousy
4. Feeding the Flames of Love
5. An Invitation to Life
6. Get Singed with the Fires of Happiness
7. Shut the Door on Unhappiness
8. Walk Both Paths
9. Always Other People
10. The Screaming Solution
11. A Little Difference
12. An Average Life
13. The Magnetic Person
14. The Winged Messenger
15. Prefer Success
16. The Collective Mind
17. The Humour of Personality
18. Anger of the Apes
19. Spaces in the Mind
20. I Believe in Miracles
21. The Adventurer Always Moves Ahead
22. The United Family Poem
23. The Doomsday Myth
24. Experience the Flames of Happiness
25. Accommodation Needed
26. Face in the Tree
27. Your Mind
28. Life by Cell Phone
29. The Artist
30. Life of Tim
31. Our Lives in Tune
32. In This Life
33. Life Is A Circus
34. But….
35. Five Purses of Verses
36. God Bless the Stress
37. The Uncommon Crow
38. Rose Bouquet
39. Don’t Drive Drunk
40. Meditation On Temptation
41. Ten Clerihew For You
42. The Nature Hymn
43. Seed of Destiny
44. Alive With You O Lord!
45. History of the Secret Race: Anglo-Indians
46. God Makes the Rule
47. Anglo-Indian Limericks
48. A Vision of You
49. Lady of the Sea
50. Anglos of India: Will the Race Survive?
51. Guardian Angel Protect Madeliene
52. Eclipse of the Sun
53. Eclipsing the Moment
54. The Lion and the Eclipse
55. Eclipsing the Love
56. The Spaces in the Mind
57. The Superhero Menace
58. Power and Ambition
59. The Way of the Boxer
60. The Ninjas and the Shoguns
61. The Crime of Rhyme
62. The Piccadilly Line
63. The Chippie Shop
64. Ye Olde English Pub
65. The Glimmer of the Cinema
66. Britain’s Got Valiant Talent
67. Quantum of Wallace
68. The Chronicles of Morgana
69. The Easter Resurrection
70. Our Great Pontiff Enters Heaven
71. London Historica or The History of London
72. UFOs and Parallel Universe
73. Genghis Khan the Barbarian King
74. Elvis the King of Rock and Roll
75. The Millionaire Method

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