Sunday, May 23, 2010

Book Preview: Anglo-Indian Race Preservation Course

1. The Anglo-Indian Genome Project
2. A Calcutta November
3. Discovering Daring Derozio the Poet
4. Remembering Our Anglo-Indian Heroes
5. The Goethals Indian Library and Research Centre
6. Calcutta to Kolkata and Calcuttans to Kolkatans
7. The Calcutta Anglo-Indian Experience
8. An Anglo-Indian Comic Collector

9. Anglo-Indian Limericks
10. Immortal Mortals- An Anglo-Indian short story
11. The English Language in India
12. On the Indigo Trail in 19th Century India
13. Anglo-Indian Jazz in Calcutta
14. Anglo-Indian Movies and Stars
15. Anglo-Indians and Genealogy
16. Anglo-Indian Poetry: The Origin and the Victoria Cross

and more Modules. You are welcome to visit the web-link given below.

Book Preview: Anglo-Indian Race Preservation Course

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