Monday, May 03, 2010

Positive World Newsletter- 3 May 2010

Dear Newsletter Subscribers,

Today is the 3rd of May, with a long weekend, the bank holiday sales and the Elections to look forward to this month. I saw the latest superhero movie today, Iron Man 2 and throroughly enjoyed the movie with all special effects and some of the best film dialogues I have heard for a long time.

Last month was a busy month for me. I completed ten of my book projects successfully, which are now on sale on Amazon and at my Lulu book store. I have also completed two promotional book videos which can be viewed on my You Tube channel. I was also busy working on Squidoo creating some Book Review lenses, for the latest books I have written and published.

It is essential in life to believe in something. I believe in the power of the written word and in the phenomenal potential of the world wide human web. After all it is we humans who use the web with its vast potential. It is upto every one of us to use the web for all the positive reasons for the benefit of mankind.

If you have a hobby, talent or an interest, I would advise you to pursue it with all your enthusiasm and in time, you will have found your mission in life. A positive Mind can make our world a positive place to live.

Warm Regards


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