Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Tips on Creating an Information product

If you have a Hobby, you are passionate about, then these are the steps to creating an Information product.

1. List everything you like about your Hobby.

2. Find all the information you can find related to your hobby.

3. Compile your information.

4. List all the benefits others can get from this Hobby.

5. Publish your EBook based on all the valuable materials you have collected on your Hobby.

6. Build a Squidoo lens in a few minutes related to your EBook Niche.

7. Promote your ebook on all Social network sites.

8. Blog about your EBook.

9. Write and send out a Press Release about your EBook.

10. Create a You Tube video about your EBook.

11. Sell your EBook on Payloadz and Clickbank.

12. Generate an income in your Pal Pal account.

The Link to the Big Information Creation Discussion
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