Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Easter Resurrection by Warren Brown

Today is the day of the Resurrection
Of Our Lord from the Realm of Death.
Today is the day of the Freedom
And the Immortality of our souls.

Rebirth, Rejoice and Renewal at
The Stations of Suffering
As Our Lord went down Calvary.

The Last Crucifixion
Of the Son of Galilee.
The torture of a soul
For the Sins of his Nation,
The Worship of Jesus in Adoration.

Rebirth to a new beginning of forgiveness
Death to the old lives of poison and venom.
Rejoice and Praises to God in Heaven
And to the Son of God who shows us Salvation.
Renewal of our souls

Set free on new missions.
An end to the old dreams and decisions,
Marks the beginning of new hopeful visions.

Our souls walk through
The flames of temptation,
As we are cleansed during the Passion.

We are born to a new life
While we receive the gift of salvation,
Through the Joy of the Easter Resurrection.

A poem from “The Lady of the Sea and other Poems” by Warren Brown. London. 2010

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