Sunday, May 15, 2011

Are You Interested in a Joint Venture With Warren Brown?

Reciprocal Arrangements:
1. Exchanging Online Links: Driving traffic to eachother's sites can often create additional business for practically no effort at all.
2. Cross-Endorsement: Whether through mailings (solo ads), product reviews or simply "referring customers" casually, cross endorsement still remains a very powerful way to leverage the day-to-day contact another business has with your market.
3. Trade Testimonials: Review each other's products, then display the reviews on your marketing materials.
Integrated/Co-Managed Arrangements:
4. Sharing Ad-Space: Cut your marketing expenses in half by sharing ad-space or promotional events. (This includes sharing trade-show space).
5. Sharing Research & Development Information: If your JV partner is someone that you trust - and they're not a "competitor" - then combining "intellectual assets" can provide astounding results in some cases.
6. Co-Producing Articles and Press Releases: Leverage eachother's contacts in regards to other JV prospects, editors, columnists, freelance writers and otherwise media contacts. Create a series of PR's and Articles that provide neutral mentions for each of your services in some way...
7. Co-Producing Publications: Such as websites, magazines, trade journals and so on.
8. Co-Producing Products and Projects: Sharing costs and effort on product research, creation and testing could very well outweigh the "cost" of sharing profits.
9. Joint Authorship: Save time and reach twice as much of the market (or more).
10. Product Bundling: Integrating products, or adding JV products as an upsell or "option" is an extremely powerful way to leverage the assets of another business in a truly beneficial manner.
11. Co-promoting viral marketing items: Such as compelling mini-courses, ebooks, audio interviews and so on. This especially applies to info-products and downloadable online media.
Endorsements and Promotional Arrangements:
12. Direct Endorsement: This includes endorsement mailings to client/prospect databases, mass notifications or ezine announcements - in exchange for a large portion of up-front profits (sometimes backend as well).
13. Ongoing Endorsement (Affiliate): This involves direct and indirect referrals in return for a commission on any resulting sales processed. This is done both offline (as a "rep"), or online as an "affiliate".
14. Product Reviews: Reviewing a product "objectively" can be very powerful in terms of generating sales from prospective buyers that are researching their purchase (or looking to justify it). The reviewer will act as an affiliate and get paid for referred sales.

Are You Interested in a Joint Venture With Warren Brown?

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