Friday, October 28, 2011

Blistering Barnacles It's Friday!

I did not grow up reading Tintin comics, I preferred Marvel and DC. A number of people are excited about the new movie. I decided to use "Blistering Barnacles" a catch phrase from the Captain in the Tintin adventures.

It is the last day of the work week. Did you get up this morning and feel that you were walking slowly to work? Those were the symptoms of Friday legs, when your legs just feel too lazy to walk to work.

What did you have for lunch this Friday? Was it Fried Fish Friday or did you have a Cheese sandwich yet again? Dinner on a Friday is a special meal, when you can take your time and eat, without the rush to finish fast and dive into bed like a week day night. I guess it would be Fried Rice Friday, when the local Chinese restaurant provides your dinner and you sip on that cool wine and wait for the weekend to start, which really starts on Friday evening. Have a great weekend and have a fun filled fantastic Friday!
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