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Striking Public Sector-30 November 2011

Thousands of public sector workers are due to take industrial action on Wednesday in protest at planned changes to their pensions.

Millionaire-TV Series

Who wants to be a Millionaire? A three-part documentary series from acclaimed director Vanessa Engle, exploring our personal attitudes to money.

Can You Be A Millionaire?

In these tough economic times, thousands are flocking to wealth creation seminars and purchasing their products in the hope they will unlock the key to becoming rich and "financially free", like their gurus. Read more...


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Prosperity Secrets

Charles Fillmore says "The inexhaustible resource of spirit is equal to every demand. There is no reality in lack. Abundance is here and now manifest!"
Read more about the Prosperity Secrets of the Universe...

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Are women better Traders?

There should be more women then men on the front lines or in senior risk taking positions on trading desks.