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Positive World Newsletter- February 26, 2009

FEBRUARY 26, 2009 VOLUME 2: Number 3

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There are times when life does seem like a Comedy of Errors. When nothing seems to go right, like you want to know the time, so you just turn your wrist and then suddenly realize you have a boiling hot cup of coffee in your hand. The other common moment of Comic error is when you want to hurry and get a job done and nothing seems to be happening the way it should, you need to rush out to meet someone, but you cannot find your shoes, and when you do find them, one of the lacings snaps off in your hand…..
I have always loved comedy and I have grown up watching some of the great comedians like Charlie Chaplin and Norman Wisdom, along with a host of others, like the Two Ronnies, the Carry On series etc. Over the last few decades there has been a surge of the new type of Comedy performer, the Stand-up Comic. There are several, I enjoy watching and among the gallery, I also like to watch the inimitable Russell Peters, a Canadian Anglo-Indian, who recently completed 20 years of performing. We went to the O2 Arena and watched Russell’s performance of a life time. Keep up the great laughs Russell!
In this issue of the “Positive World Newsletter”, I have included a few of these comic great websites for you to enjoy. Laughter is the best medicine, and we all need a bit of Laughter Therapy in our busy and hectic lives. Have a Laugh today and see many more tomorrows.
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Charlie Chaplin: This silver screen legend and genius remains in our hearts and in our minds. Charles Chaplin made a big difference in the lives of ordinary people as he highlighted the problems faced by the ordinary man. Every movie directed and produced by Charles Chaplin had serious undertones and overtones which spoke about the injustices in society, which were at his time and which are still prevalent in society today. Charlie made me laugh when I was a Kid and he still does in these Modern Times.
Click thislink and read some more about this great personality.
The Pink Panther and Peter Sellers: I remember first watching the exploits of Peter Sellers as the Pink Panther, with his Oriental Man Friday. It was really funny then and is still funny now. This bumbling detective could solve almost any crime by simply stumbling into it, through it and out of it, even before you realized what was happening, amid all the confusion, laughter and misadventures.
Click this link to read more about the Sultan of Comedy-Peter Sellers
Russell Peters putting the R back into Humour: Russell is one of those comedians who are unforgettable with his sharp wit, accents, mannerisms and that element of the ridiculous which is the hallmark of all outstanding comedians. To know more about this remarkable Canadian-American Anglo-Indian comic visit his website. Click here

If you need to know the Tips and Techniques for Laughter Therapy visit the Link below:
Make Money Laughing Your Socks Off
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