Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Laughter Factor

“Laughter is the best Medicine” and the best antidote to sadness and unhappiness. If you love to laugh you will discover that you do feel better after having a good hearty laugh. Laughter at anything we find funny or tickles our funny bone is also a good way to relieve stress. Keeping this point in mind, a number of laughter clubs have been created over the years.

We all laugh in a different way. Some of us “laugh through our noses, while some of us laugh through our teeth hissing and thissing like snakes”, we should love to laugh. I find that it is an excellent way to relax. Do not be embarrassed of laughing out loud, if that happen to be the way you like to laugh.

I remember the time when my parents, sister and I would go to the movies when we were growing up. I loved the comedies because they would really make me laugh. I remember watching the Charlie Chaplin movies, the Norman Wisdom movies, the Crazy Boys movies, and having a loud hearty laugh in my seat. Mum and Dad would tell me to quieten down sometimes, as I would occasionally be the only person in the cinema hall having a good laugh.

The dinner table family conversations were also times when we would all have a good laugh. Those were memorable times when my Mum, Dad, sister and I would sit around the table chat about the events during the day and have a good laugh. Mum would wipe away her tears, as she would laugh at the jokes I would share. I have always loved humour and wit growing up, and the family dining table was the one place where I would practise to sharpen my wit and satire. Later on in years, after my marriage, Mum, Dad, my wife and I would sit around the same table and share jokes and laugh at life in general. Those were all the happy memories I can remember today, those are the thoughts which bring Mum back to me in my mind. Mum passed away a few months ago and I miss her very much. Laughter, humour and happiness are the ingredients of happy memories whenever we need to remember our loved ones.

Take time to laugh today and if you are not in the habit of doing so, learn the art of humour and wit and get to know the secret recipe to enjoying life. Is there room in your life for humour and laughter? Like in the words of that great Comedian, Peter Sellers, in the Pink Panther, as Inspector Clouseau, “Do you have a rooooom?”. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the antics of Peter Sellers and Charlie Chaplin as they brought the screen and my humour alive whenever they tumbled onto the silver screen. Take time to Laugh your socks off today, it could even add a few years to your life. Laugh at life and laugh at yourself and before long you could be laughing your way to the bank, if you make laughter a skill and laugh your way into the International Comedy circuit and maybe even Hollywood. You could have another Jim Carrey or Robin Williams lurking somewhere in your comic nature. Take time to have a laugh today.
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