Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mum and Steven Seagal

My late Mum, Joan was a great fan of Steven Seagal. Mum liked to watch all Steven Seagal’s movies and thought that he was a great action movie star. Mum would say that she liked Steven Seagal because he was always very cool when he would confront the bad guys and you would never see him losing his temper.

I remember the first time we saw Steven Seagal movie, it was in “Under Siege” in 1992, where he is a cook on a battleship and confronts the villains in the forms of Gary Busey and Tommy Lee Jones, not forgetting the beautiful, “Birthday Cake Girl” semi-nude Erika Eleniak. This was a great movie and made a big impression on the four of us, Mum, Dad, my sister and myself.

Although Steven Seagal is a tall and imposing figure he moves like a cat and takes on the villains like they were flies. The actor himself is very interested in the Martial arts and is quite proficient in the Eastern Arts of meditation.

In life we need to be able to confront our challenges with a calm and peaceful mind and to be aware of the fact that every situation changes. We do not need to battle our way through life, but to be able to calmly move them aside effortlessly. This state of mind where we react calmly to life situations can be achieved if we learn to practise meditation and understand the life is always teaching us to improve ourselves.

In the movies, Steven Seagall takes on the bad guys and tosses them around. We do not need to do this in life. We need to control our tempers and our tongues, while concentrating our mind on inner peace of mind. As we practise the art of the mind warrior we will learn how to overcome our own fears and weaknesses, we will gradually understand that life has great rewards to offer to those who understand the value of life, with all its joys, sorrows, victories and defeats.

Steven Seagal has made a number of movies since “Under Siege”. A few of his other movies are “Under Siege 2”, “On Deadly Ground”, “Above the Law”, “ Marked for Death”, “Cradle to the Grave”, being just a few of them. Take the time to get a Steven Seagal movie to watch today and appreciate the value of the character he portrays on screen.
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