Monday, March 05, 2012

Immortal Mortals

This is an interesting collection of nine short stories which contain a variety of themes and situations. The first story is the New Year Guardian and helps to think about Guardian Angels. Immortal Mortals is about the story of a roadside artist and a librarian and how life can change one stroke at a time. There is a small collection of Christmas stories each having a little hint of the Spirit of Christmas in our lives. The Last Hunter and The Rebel and the Princess of Kashmir are set in Colonial British India. This is a period I like to read and write about, having grown up in India and belonging to the Anglo-Indian community. Anglo-Indians are the only minority Indian community in India of British Indian origins, who have English as their Mother tongue and who are Christians. The collection ends with the Christmas Time Traveller, where the magic of Christmas goes time travelling.               
This ebook is available for download on Smashwords
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