Wednesday, July 04, 2012

FREE Online Competitions and Contests

Online competitions and contests can be a great way of accumulating stuff for free, many companies hold free competitions because they are a great way for them to get publicity and showcase their products.

What would you most like to own in the whole world? I bet there is an opportunity for you to win it for no cost somewhere online. Most people would choose to win money, money is a very popular prize because you can use it to get anything you like. Other popular prizes include cars, holidays and houses. is a site that finds and lists free competitions, contests and prize draws. Besides the main site which is updated regularly they also have a free members site, Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Facebook and Twitter are great places to find competitions because they are usually the easiest to enter, most of the time all you need to do is like a page or re tweet and you are automatically entered.

Just take a look at you will find loads of great prizes on offer, if they weren’t incentive enough the site is also offering you cash in 3 different free draws. You can win money by joining the members site, following them on Twitter or by liking their Facebook Page.

The members site competition is an interesting one because you can actually increase your chances of winning, how? You just need to earn points, points can be earned by entering competitions, uploading an avatar or you can just share competitions you find with other members. Anyone can add a competition, it is a great place to publicize your own contests they just need to be free to enter.

Not only can you get completely free entry into these cash draws, you will also be the first to here about great competitions. So what are you waiting for?
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