Friday, August 10, 2012

Free Kindle EBook Promotion-Saturday, Sunday-11, 12 August 2012

Free Kindle EBook Promotion-Saturday, Sunday-11, 12 August 2012

Get a FREE Kindle download of the latest collection of Paranormal short stories by Warren Brown.

A collection of eleven short stories:
1. The Death of Reuben: A Vampire, a poisoned man and a psychotic killer. What do the three have in common?
2. The Sound of Rats: A woman with psychic powers and the hunger of rodents.
3. Son of Cyrus: The power of a Cyclop in the present age.
4. The Shape of the Claw: Prowling the city streets for adventure.
5. The Window Cleaner and the Werewolf: Saving a life and finding love.
6. The Stairway in the Mountain: Paranormal Investigators make an amazing discovery while on their quest for the unexplained and the supernatural.

7. The Angel in the Stone: An ancient curse, an angel and a Museum guard.
8. The Luxury Liner to Hades: Captain of the Death Ship taking its passengers to Hades.
9. Wigwams in Hyde Park, London: A Carnival of history in one place and the mystery is revealed.
10. Painting and loving the News: Erotic art of a beautiful News Reader.
11. Adam’s Visions of the Future: The simple Secret to Living the Law of Attraction.

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