Friday, January 04, 2013

Anglo-Indians "Blending Into" Indian Society

Anglo-Indians in India have no alternative but to adapt and try to blend into Indian culture. Anglo-Indians are timid of standing out in Indian society. Anglo-Indian women ( like my Mum and my wife and all the other women of the community had to start wearing the salwar kameez) were also open to humiliation and ridicule by Indian men if they wore blouses, dresses and skirts. I recall several incidents of having elbowed out of the way, Indian men who would come out of their way to walk into my mother and my wife. Wearing the salwar kameez and trying to speak the lingo is just one of the ways which Anglos in India have to adapt in order to "blend in" to Indian society. Anglo-Indians in India and abroad are nervous of revealing their humble origins. There are still large numbers of Anglo-Indians in India and all across the globe who are still proud of being Anglo-Indian(in their own homes and in groups) and the race is not dying out, it is just disappearing from public view. I call Anglo-Indians, "The Secret Race" for this reason, which is also why the book has been ridiculed by many who insist that the book does not do the community justice. I grew up in India, my Dad is a well known personality so I do know exactly what I am writing about. The writer of the article definitely needs to get to know more Anglo-Indian families in India.
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