Monday, December 02, 2013

2013 The Year of Short Stories

Is 2013 the Year of Short Stories?

Short Stories of Love and Romance Omnibus
A collection of eighteen short stories by Warren Brown.
List of Short Stories
Damaged Hearts;Love Drug;Pieces of Lonely Hearts;Igniting Embers of Love;Clouds of Despair;Shape of Passion;Under the Egyptian Moon;The Death of Reuben;The Sound of Rats;Son of Cyrus;The Shape of the Claw;The Window Cleaner and the Werewolf;The Stairway in the Mountain;The Angel in the Stone;The Luxury Liner to Hades;Wigwams in Hyde Park,London;Painting and loving the News;Adam’s Visions of the Future.

Christmas Stories to Cherish
A collection of four Christmas stories which can inspire you to feel like it is Christmas throughout the year.

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