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Lewis Clarke Reaches the South Pole

Congratulations to Lewis Clarke on reaching the South Pole. Sixteen-year-old Lewis Clarke, a british school boy has become the youngest person to trek to the Antarctic landmark, in the South Pole. Read more...

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A Whole Lot of Cuddling Going On In London

Anna Nathan Shekory, 37, and Tom Fortes Mayer, 40, run the Cuddle Workshop in upmarket West Hampstead. Read more..

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The Calcutta Christmas Visit 2013

I have just returned after a Christmas visit to Calcutta. We flew by Emirates Airline and changed at Dubai before flying to Kolkata.

Dubai has a large and impressive looking airport with a big selection of shops for Duty free section to browse through and to buy from as passengers pass through.

My wife and I had a great time celebrating Christmas and the New Year with family and friends.I got a chance to visit a number of places of interest in the city.
The New Kolkata is growing and developing on the fringes of the Old Calcutta, with multi-storeyed buildings for offices, residences, industrial estates and a growing number of Malls.My wife and I had time to spend time with our two Godsons Ashton and Logan Domingo. I had an opportunity to spend valuable time with my Dad Melvyn Brown, to meet old friends and to taste some of the culinary delights of the city…