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Facebook buys Whatsapp for 19 Billion Dollars

Publish Success App for Mobile Phone

The Publish Success App for your Mobile Phone

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Free Kindle Book Promotions- 24, 25 February 2014

Death of a Cyclist [Kindle Edition]

Damaged Hearts and Other Short Stories of Love and Romance [Kindle Edition]

Find Your Soulmate in 21 Days [Kindle Edition]

Short Stories from Storydrome on Vampires, Magic, Love, Passion and Romance [Kindle Edition]

Poem: The Neigh, Neigh Burgers [Kindle Edition]

Books for Children

Mason Visits The Magical Universe (Mason and His Magic Adventures Series) [Kindle Edition]

Mason's Movie Playbook with Games for Children from 5 to 11 Years (Mason and His Magic Adventures Series) [Kindle Edition]

Mason Goes On A Magical Jungle Adventure (Mason and His Magic Adventures Series) [Kindle Edition]

Mason Visits The Magic Sea (Mason and His Magic Adventures S…

The Latest News on the Paranormal and the Unexplained

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Paranormal,Mysteries,the Unexplained and Dreams Archive Center [Kindle Edition]

A blog about the paranormal,mysteries,the unexplained and Dreams. This blog has interesting news and findings on the unexplained happenings in the world today.

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Happy Tenth Birthday Facebook

London Commuters Held Hostage....By Tube Service Yet Again

London Commuters keep paying the increased tube fares every year without complaining. Yet, London commuters are held hostage yet again by the workers of the Tube service. The strikes occur with annual clockwork regularity. The tube fares will never decrease not now, not ever, so why should London commuters have to suffer in silence?

So what is the Strike all about?