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A Special Day- 20 March 2015


World Storytelling Day- 20 March 2015

Have a Happy World Storytelling Day 2015 today, 20 March 2015.

Celebrate World Storytelling Day today:
1. Listen to a Story
2. Read a story in a book.
3. Read a story to someone.
4. Create a storytelling session with friends and family today
5. Start a storytelling game, by saying a few lines from a popular story and your friends have to guess the title and the name of the author.
6. Remember the lives and tales of the Great Storytellers of the World.

Three Cheers to my Dad, Melvyn Brown, the Greatest Storyteller on the planet today, who has transformed the lives of so many children in his storytelling sessions in School over the years and also through his Storytelling through radio broadcasts, at All-India Radio (A.I.R.), in Calcutta, India.…

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Happy International Women's Day


The Digital Nomad

Read more about the fascinating life of Nora Dunn, a Canadian who gave up her regular life in 2006, to travel the world, while still being connected to her friends and family with online software like Skype and Google plus....

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Is Writing Your Medicine for Creativity?

“Keep writing and never stop, try to write a page a day!”. This  is what I imagine hearing all the great writers whispering to me every day, when I need to start writing but get distracted. You can only discover the joys of writing after you start to write. Read my latest IBO Toolbox article at the link given below: