Thursday, December 24, 2015

Bound Free, The Novel on Amazon-Making the Top 100-Free List

My debut novel, "Bound free" has made it to the Amazon top 100 Bestseller List in the Vampires and Suspense Category, today the 24th December, Christmas Eve.

Logan has a boundless imagination. He can travel through time and space. Logan needs to travel to his destiny. He needs to save the world and himself from being destroyed. Can Logan break the chains which bind his mind and body? Logan is pursued by an assassin, which is in his own imagination. 

Why must we all be bound in chains to our present lives? A tree is bound to the earth it stands on. A tree is bound to one place in time. Does a tree have an imagination? No, you and I do. 

The good men who rode to hang me were doing it to make sure that they would be now protected by the same notorious men who they feared, but they needed to show their support, there was no way out. 
“You must learn to see without your physical eyes. 
You must learn to see, feel and experience the world with your other senses. 
Learn to free your mind and use your imagination to move over time, space and through the lives of others. 
Your imagination will free you from the world you inhabit and you will be free to move anywhere you desire and to change any situation with the limitless powers of your mind. 
The Universe, the stars, the planets will be your guide.”

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