Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Storyteller on You Tube


A man with no identity is discovered. He has flashes of his past and he glimpses his mysterious future. Does he have a mission here on Earth and is he really from the future?
His art is not just drawings on paper, as they seem to come alive. When he creates a story he has the power to control every aspect of his creation.
William later discovers that he is bound on the path to becoming a Storyteller. The quest of the Storyteller begins as he uncovers his past and discovers all the powers of the Storyteller which he possesses.

The Storyteller must face his adversaries who come in all shapes, sizes and forms in order to save the stories of humankind. Every story saved by the Storyteller is a gift to humanity. The Villains of Story seek to destroy humanity by vanquishing the Storyteller and his allies by obliterating stories from the culture and history of humanity.
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