Sunday, August 14, 2016

Inheritance Claim- A Short Story

Meet Soul Hunter Roman Sands

No Souls Are Lost- They Are Imprisoned Forever

Roman Sands is a Soul Hunter. In the future of human civilization, men and women will not lose their souls to the Grim Reaper on Earth.
One man had a desire to live forever, so that he could enjoy his inherited wealth and prosperity. That man Henry Urban got the best scientists to develop a method by which the soul of a living person could be transferred into a synthetic being or a highly developed humanoid, which looked and behaved like a human being.
Every soul needed to be collected and then transferred into a humanoid.
Roman Sands belonged to a team of Soul Hunters and Gatherers who had this special job to do of saving souls.

The Grim Reaper Harvests Death

Since the dawn of human civilization, the Pharoahs of Egypt, wise Solomon, courageous conquerors, from Alexander to
Genghis Khan have defeated their enemies, built empires, but no one has been able to conquer man’s greatest enemy, the grim Reaper, who harvests death.
Henry had found a way, he could conquer death, with the invention of a new machine, the Soul transfer Pod.

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