Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Essential Features of Your New Year Resolution

a. It should be interesting
b. It should not be too time consuming
c. It should be something which you had wanted to do for some time
d. It should be realistic
e. It should be achievable by you
f. It should be humanly possible
g. You should be willing to ask for assistance in order to achieve this goal
h. You should be willing to inform your family and friends about your New Year resolutions, if it involves them, so that they can support you in fulfilling your objective
i. You need to be enthusiastic about this resolution
j. You should be willing to set aside time in order to achieve this objective
k. You should be willing to accept defeat or failure in achieving this goal, yet to be able to learn from this experience
l. You need to reward yourself after the successful achievement of your resolution. Celebrate your accomplishment
m. Get inspiration and motivation in order to keep you focussed throughout the year.
n. Learn from your mistakes and make them learning experiences.
o. Assist others in accomplishing their goals and resolutions
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