Saturday, June 19, 2010

Book Preview: Anglo-Indian Race Preservation Course

The Anglo-Indian Race Preservation Course

Welcome to the Anglo-Indian Race Preservation course.
Anglo-Indians are the only English speaking, Christian community in India, whose Mother tongue is English and who have a Western lifestyle in the sub-continent of India. Anglo-Indians originated during the Colonial period in India. When British soldiers and traders had affairs or married Indian women their offspring came to be known as Anglo-Indians or Eurasians in history.
There are not many Anglo-Indians or people of Anglo-Indian origins who will openly admit to being Anglo-Indians. Most Anglo-Indians today who live outside India, prefer to saying that they are Australian, British, Canadian or American, than admitting to their Anglo-Indian race origins. This is partly due to the fact of the racial prejudices in Western society today. In the West, everyone from India or Pakistan is termed as Asian. The fact is that India is filled with a large number of races and minority communities, where each race is very different from the north, south, east and west of India. India was invaded by a number of races over the centuries, many on them settled down and lived with the natives. This accounts for the very different facial features, physical characteristics, heritage, culture and traditions, which each of the races have in India.
Anglo-Indians are therefore not just Asians, but they are Anglo-Indians, who have their own unique race, culture, heritage and traditions.
The Anglo-Indians in India are gradually reducing in numbers. A large number of the Anglo-Indians immigrated to the West from the 1940s after India's Independence in 1947.

In the 21st century, there are still Anglo-Indians being born in India and in the West, especially when British or European men marry, have romantic liaisons and have children from Indian women.
Anglo-Indians are a secret race which is worth being discovered by those who do not have any idea about this unique minority race in India and now firmly established in the West.
The opinions expressed in this book, on the Anglo-Indian community are my own views and opinions. My writings on the A-I community, will not be the views expressed by all members of the Anglo-Indian community and race.
If you enjoy reading this course because you are Anglo-Indian then refer this course to your friends, relatives and pass it down to your children and grand-children.
If you are a member of any other minority race, then you will find this book useful. There are a number of features which I have included to make this book interesting. The tools for race preservation have been explored in this course, and can be used by any race or culture, in need of preservation.

Book Preview: Anglo-Indian Race Preservation Course
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