Friday, June 18, 2010

Hubbing Hobby

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How are Celebrities Made?

Meditating on Fame and Fortune When ordinary people do extraordinary things in the public eye

Poetry Therapy
I Believe that Poetry is Therapeutic.I enjoy writing, reading and listening to poetry.

What are the...secretsofsuccess?
Think Success: If you think Success you can be a Success. How can we think Success?

The Eclipse of the Sun and other poems

Clerihew for You
A Clerihew is a mildly witty, pseudo-biographical verse of four lines of varying length rhyming.

Calcutta "Khichiri" Pish-Pash
Calcutta is one of those cities with a vibrant personality, filled with the bustle of activity.

Keeper of Knowledge
He is the person who has the duty and the responsibility of taking care of books.

Inspirational Chair
When we are tired, we sit on a chair, sip a cold drink, relax and philosophize.

Souls,Energy,Magnetic Blood
Where do we come from? We all wonder where we will go to when we die, will it be Heaven?

Hubbing Hobby
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Kingdom of Snow by Warren Brown

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