Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Book Preview of "Handbook to Fame and Fortune"

Read about the secret to fame and fortune in this useful and practical handook.

Book Preview of "Handbook to Fame and Fortune"

Book preview "Snow Storm Marketing Course" by Warren Brown

Read the book on Snow Storm Marketing and learn the techniques for creating, developing and marketing your own products and service on the web.

Book preview "Snow Storm Marketing Course" by Warren Brown

Robin Hood Video Showcase

Have you watched the latest Robin Hood with Russell Crowe and what did you think about it?
Who was the best Robin Hood of all time?
Watch the Videos on this Squidoo lens and decide for yourself.

Robin Hood Video Showcase

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Book Preview "Reasons to Live"

Are you in search of something in life?
Do you feel lost and need to find a life purpose?
Do you need a reason to live?
If you are struggling to find answers and need to find direction in life, then you need to read "Reasons to Live by Warren Brown.

Book Preview "Reasons to Live"

Getting a Storm of Traffic

If you have a product or service and you want to get the word out try using this traffic system for great results.

Getting a Storm of Traffic

Book Preview: Anglo-Indian Race Preservation Course

1. The Anglo-Indian Genome Project
2. A Calcutta November
3. Discovering Daring Derozio the Poet
4. Remembering Our Anglo-Indian Heroes
5. The Goethals Indian Library and Research Centre
6. Calcutta to Kolkata and Calcuttans to Kolkatans
7. The Calcutta Anglo-Indian Experience
8. An Anglo-Indian Comic Collector

9. Anglo-Indian Limericks
10. Immortal Mortals- An Anglo-Indian short story
11. The English Language in India
12. On the Indigo Trail in 19th Century India
13. Anglo-Indian Jazz in Calcutta
14. Anglo-Indian Movies and Stars
15. Anglo-Indians and Genealogy
16. Anglo-Indian Poetry: The Origin and the Victoria Cross

and more Modules. You are welcome to visit the web-link given below.

Book Preview: Anglo-Indian Race Preservation Course

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Publish Success Storefront -

I have just updated my Publish Success website. I have added a number of new and exciting features and opportunities. Take the time to visit my site and send me your feedback.

Publish Success Storefront -

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lady of the Sea and other Poems: Warren Brown: Books

The latest book of Poems by Warren Brown. The topics and themes in this book range from Robin Hood,the Lady of the Sea,the History of London and the Millionaire Method. There are a total of 75 poems on a variety of topics. Click to Look Inside the book and enjoy the preview for yourself.

Lady of the Sea and other Poems: Warren Brown: Books

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Discussion: American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI) | LinkedIn

Do Copywriters develop into great writers and authors? Is it practical to self publish your books and why?
I did the AWAI copywriting course. I have published ten books on Lulu and I really enjoy the whole process of writing and publishing.

Discussion: American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI) | LinkedIn

Yanik Silver’s Internet Lifestyle Blog

Discover the unique idea of the "Napkin Business Book" created by Yanik Silver, author, Internet Marketer and Entrepreneur.

Yanik Silver’s Internet Lifestyle Blog

David on CNN Headline News…(and YOU too) | Get Paid For Who You Are#comment-4126#comment-4126

Watch the CCN interview with David Wood, the Author of "Get Paid for Who You Are". A video worth watching.

David on CNN Headline News…(and YOU too) | Get Paid For Who You Are#comment-4126#comment-4126

Free Web Submission

Free Search Engine submission and website promotion. Those of us who have created or sell products and services on the web are constantly on the search for new ways to draw in traffic and sales to our website. This site is yet another great way to generate a constant flow of traffic to your website. Do not hesitate but go ahead and try this free service offered by Free Web Submission.

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Active Search Results

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

A World of Power with a Mountfield Mower

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I purchased a mountfield lawnmower and I was amazed at the reliability and the durability of the machine. Mountfield lawnmowers are in a class of their own and the fact to be noted is that the job is completed efficiently and in no time at all.

To get a good deal on mountfield mowers, I would like to advise you to visit the World of Power website for some great deals and very good bargains. Get the latest free gift offer on mountfield petrol lawnmowers. The site has a listing of several well established brands with an exhaustive listing of their lawnmowers. Visit the world of power site today and view their range of lawnmowers and snap up a bargain. Get moving and get Mowing today.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Author Bibliography on Amazon UK

I have just completed my Author Bibliography on Amazon UK. On my Author profile on Amazon UK are my latest books alongwith a video promotion.

Amazon UK Author Profile

Monday, May 03, 2010

Positive World Newsletter- 3 May 2010

Dear Newsletter Subscribers,

Today is the 3rd of May, with a long weekend, the bank holiday sales and the Elections to look forward to this month. I saw the latest superhero movie today, Iron Man 2 and throroughly enjoyed the movie with all special effects and some of the best film dialogues I have heard for a long time.

Last month was a busy month for me. I completed ten of my book projects successfully, which are now on sale on Amazon and at my Lulu book store. I have also completed two promotional book videos which can be viewed on my You Tube channel. I was also busy working on Squidoo creating some Book Review lenses, for the latest books I have written and published.

It is essential in life to believe in something. I believe in the power of the written word and in the phenomenal potential of the world wide human web. After all it is we humans who use the web with its vast potential. It is upto every one of us to use the web for all the positive reasons for the benefit of mankind.

If you have a hobby, talent or an interest, I would advise you to pursue it with all your enthusiasm and in time, you will have found your mission in life. A positive Mind can make our world a positive place to live.

Warm Regards


Book Preview of "The Secret Race: Anglo-Indians" by Warren Brown

Book Preview of "World Recipes for a Home Catering Business" by Warren Brown

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Sunday, May 02, 2010

The Silver Bullet Method

Discover the Secret system that automatically builds your business.
This is the latest marketing program just released by Soren Jordansen, John Merrick & Cindy Battye, great Internet Marketing Gurus.

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India's First Newspaper

The " Bengal Gazette ", founded by James Augustus Hicky was India's First Newspaper. Read all about James Hicky the first New...