Monday, May 30, 2011

Charisma and Colour

It has been discovered that colour can have a dramatic effect on the Charisma exuded by a person. Firstly, it is important to know the colour which you like to wear and which you feel comfortable wearing. Friends and Family: Ask your family members and friends about the colours which they feel make you look your best.
Image Consultant: You can also ask the advice of an Image Consultant who can advise you on the colours which make you look more attractive, dynamic and magnetic, based on the factors of the colour of your eyes, your skin and even the colour of your hair.
Prints and Designs: It is also equally important to wear clothes with suitable prints, colours and designs which complement your look and which assist you ion radiating more confidence, charm, charisma and style.
Overdressed or Underdressed: This is yet another feature which can enhance your professional image. The accessories which you can use could be a tie, a scarf, a jacket, which you can remove when entering to give the appearance that you are comfortable with your own style.
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