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The Charisma, Fashion and Style Newsletter will Guide You to Take the World by Storm with Your Magnetic Presence, Style and Personality! 
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The Fashion & Style Newsletter

Create the Style and Fashion to Take the World by Storm
Charisma and Colour
It has been discovered that colour can have a dramatic effect on the Charisma exuded by a person. Firstly, it is important to know the colour which you like to wear and which you feel comfortable wearing.
Friends and Family: Ask your family members and friends about the colours which they feel make you look your best.
Image Consultant: You can also ask the advice of an Image Consultant who can advise you on the colours which make you look more attractive, dynamic and magnetic, based on the factors of the colour of your eyes, your skin and even the colour of your hair. 
Prints and Designs: It is also equally important to wear clothes with suitable prints, colours and designs which complement your look and which assist you ion radiating more confidence, charm, charisma and style. 
Overdressed or Underdressed: This is yet another feature which can enhance your professional image. The accessories which you can use could be a tie, a scarf, a jacket, which you can remove when entering to give the appearance that you are comfortable with your own style.

Beaded Jewellery

Ornaments and jewellery have been an important part of cultures worldwide for centuries. Fashion jewellery has undergone a number of changes since the dawn of civilization. Evidence of jewellery and ornaments worn by women of all cultures have been discovered from ancient times.
Cycle of Fashion and Styles: It has been noticed by social and fashion experts that fashion and style seem to move in cyclic motions. There comes a time when a particular type of fashion accessory like the beaded necklace is worn regularly with a particular motif. Then, the moment arrives when that particular design of beaded jewellery like a necklace or bangle fades away and returns back into fashion after a number of years.
Handmade Jewellery: When the fashion trend is handmade jewellery, we see it made from all types of materials ranging from stones, beads to leaves and shells. This style comes into fashion and can be seen wherever you look.
Traditional Jewellery: This type of jewellery is worn by  certain people and the designs have been passed down through generations. This type of jewellery usually has designs which mean something special and signify some form of power, which the wearer hopes to possess.
Beaded Jewellery has been around for centuries and will still be present in the world of Fashion and Style for years to come.

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