Friday, July 10, 2015

Boundless Imagination- The Experimental Novel

I have started writing “Boundless Imagination”, my first experimental novel. I plan to test the limits of my imagination, in each chapter in my new novel. 
There is a common thread, in the novel, around which I am weaving all the elements of a story, while creating a transformation in the character, who is on a journey into his mind and on a voyage of self-discovery for himself.
I will continue to write the novel, planning each chapter one day at a time, as I watch it develop and view the transformation of my character, till I feel that my character has been fully transformed into the person he needs to be in order to fulfill his destiny. The story could be completed in five chapters or it could take a hundred to be complete.

This novel first began as my poem, “Boundless Imagination”. I was then inspired to create the story, which I then realized would make an interesting novel, as the readers and I view the thoughts and the inner-workings of the mind of the main character, as he moves from one situation to another, while bringing him closer and closer to his final destination and the truth he seeks.

Visit the links given below to enter the literary experience of “Boundless Imagination.”

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