Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Poem- Boundless Imagination by Warren Brown

How far can we Imagine?
We can imagine a life without fear,
We can imagine a life of happiness,
Goodwill, good fortune and cheer.

How do we imagine, all that we imagine?
Our life experiences good, sad and bad,
Contribute to our mental make-up,
and create our colourful imagination salad.

Do we imagine a salad of thoughts?
Our thoughts filled with emotions,
Are the building blocks of our imagination,
Which are the secret magical potion.

We can stretch our imagination,
To the depths of the fathomless ocean,
To the infinity of the universe,
To the heights of fantasy in motion.

Use your boundless imagination,
To build a Universe or a Nation,
To write a song or paint a canvas,
To raise your mind out of stagnation.

- Warren Brown@London.2015

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