Friday, December 31, 2010

The New Year Guardian

In a parallel universe in a world very much like ours, a million light years and multi-dimensions away, yet closer to us than we can imagine, the people await the arrival of their New Year Guardian, as the old year comes to an end.

On this world, called Earth-sphere, in a parallel universe the Guardian Angel is very real. Every person has a guardian Angel who comes to his or her rescue, when there are problems. While there are evil angels, who can affect a person, only when they overcome the guardian angel of protection.

Sam who is just an ordinary young boy, was rescued as a baby, from the edge of the window-sill, where he was saved from falling off, by his guardian angel. Heather and Jonathan were saved from a serious car accident, when they were saved by their guardian angels.

On Earth-sphere Guardian Angels can be seen by ordinary people, while the evil angels can be seen as well. Guardian Angels are the very reality of existence for the people on Earth-Sphere.

Today is New Year’s Eve on Earth-sphere and Sam is waiting for his Guardian Angel, who has been with him the whole year, to step out through the Door of Light and return renewed and refreshed as the New Year Angel.

As the clock strikes 12 midnight, Sam’s Guardian Angel, a tall white shimmering figure, who floats above the ground with his long robes and white large white feathery wings, waves at him before stepping into the Door of Light. Within a few seconds, the New Year Guardian Angel steps back through the Door of Light, with a warm smile on his face and ready to protect Sam throughout the New Year.

On our world, we do not see our Guardian Angels and we even doubt their existence. In order for Guardian Angels to become a reality we need to cultivate that all important ingredient, we need to believe in Guardian Angels. Believe and all things are possible, even Guardian Angels!

Have a Happy New Year and May Your Guardian Angel Always Guide You and Protect You!

Guardian Angel
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