Sunday, January 02, 2011

A New Year is Born by Warren Brown

Today, is not just any morn,
No, it is the day the New Year was born.

What type of year will it be?

Will it be filled with fumbles and rumbles

In genetic science and technology?

Or will it be a year when Man and Woman

Change the course of evolving human History?

As the Seasons will come

And the Seasons will go,

The New Year will begin with a shine

Then gradually lose its lustrous glow.

Every New Year has its story to tell

Which begins with the Midnight bell.

Every New Year has its lessons,

Its judgments and its rewards.

But, the best way the celebrate the New Year

Is with joy, expectancy and good cheer.

What will the New Year hold for you?

Will you be drinking Champagne,

On your own private plane?

Or will you be sipping cold tea,

And munching on a bit of dried turkey?

Regardless of what the New Year may hold

Always remember to walk tall and be bold.

Strive hard for success and you will find

A treasure of happiness and a goldmine.

Expect to put in your best in everything you do

And a successful life will be offered to you.

As the Earth celebrates the maize and the corn,

The ever changing and fascinating dusk and dawn,

Celebrate the coming of the promising morn,

As a New Year filled with great opportunities is born.

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