Friday, December 31, 2010

The New Year Guardian

In a parallel universe in a world very much like ours, a million light years and multi-dimensions away, yet closer to us than we can imagine, the people await the arrival of their New Year Guardian, as the old year comes to an end.

On this world, called Earth-sphere, in a parallel universe the Guardian Angel is very real. Every person has a guardian Angel who comes to his or her rescue, when there are problems. While there are evil angels, who can affect a person, only when they overcome the guardian angel of protection.

Sam who is just an ordinary young boy, was rescued as a baby, from the edge of the window-sill, where he was saved from falling off, by his guardian angel. Heather and Jonathan were saved from a serious car accident, when they were saved by their guardian angels.

On Earth-sphere Guardian Angels can be seen by ordinary people, while the evil angels can be seen as well. Guardian Angels are the very reality of existence for the people on Earth-Sphere.

Today is New Year’s Eve on Earth-sphere and Sam is waiting for his Guardian Angel, who has been with him the whole year, to step out through the Door of Light and return renewed and refreshed as the New Year Angel.

As the clock strikes 12 midnight, Sam’s Guardian Angel, a tall white shimmering figure, who floats above the ground with his long robes and white large white feathery wings, waves at him before stepping into the Door of Light. Within a few seconds, the New Year Guardian Angel steps back through the Door of Light, with a warm smile on his face and ready to protect Sam throughout the New Year.

On our world, we do not see our Guardian Angels and we even doubt their existence. In order for Guardian Angels to become a reality we need to cultivate that all important ingredient, we need to believe in Guardian Angels. Believe and all things are possible, even Guardian Angels!

Have a Happy New Year and May Your Guardian Angel Always Guide You and Protect You!

Guardian Angel

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Humour, Ideas and Opinions: Christmas Time Traveller- Short Story by Warren Brown

Read the short story about "The Christmas Time Traveller".

Humour, Ideas and Opinions: Christmas Time Traveller- Short Story by Warren Brown

Christmas Time Traveller- Short Story by Warren Brown

The world’s largest retailer of innovative scientific creative products on the web, has stepped into the realm of Time Travel, with the launch of its latest “Time Traveller’s Utility Pack and Travel Kit”. Moonshine Universe which is the largest seller of creative science items on the web in the 21st century released its latest inter-dimensional travel pack for the adventurous traveller in the year 2018.

The Time Travel pack comes in an ordinary looking box, by special 10 minute courier delivery no matter wherever the person is located. The delivery service for the pack is provided by that other exceptional Instant Deliveries Worldwide Network, “Safely Delivering Real Products Instantly”.

This rare Time Travel Invention pack is delivered on the 24th of December and is effective for three days only, on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. The reason for this time limit is due to the changes in the fabric of time, over the Christmas period, when Time Travel into the Past and Future is possible. A Time Traveller is allowed to meddle with events during this time, without having to suffer any dire consequences in the present, as this is the Christmas time zone.


It is Christmas Eve morning. Sam heard the sound of the mailbox and of letters being thrown through his door. Sam was still bleary eyed, after having returned home late from work on the 23rd of December.

Sam picked up the slim box from Moonshine Universe and took out the DVD pack. There were three instructions on the Time Travel Pack. The first was that the DVD could only be played once a year on three days, 24, 25 and 26 December. The second rule to note was that the person who viewed the DVD needed to remember three years to go back in time. On the 24th of December, you could go into your Past. On the 25th of December you could go back into some other person’s past. On the 26th of December, you could view and change your future.

Since it was Christmas Eve Sam decided to go back into his own past, the year being 1990. Sam slipped the DVD into the player and rested comfortably back on his sofa.

The fabric of Time in his present began to melt and the past was before him……

“Sammy, Sammy, have you seen my car keys?” yelled Sam’s father Rick.

“No Dad” said the ten year old, with a glint in his eye, “You must have dropped it somewhere.”

“I remember keeping the keys on the side table as I came in last night”, said Sammy’s father.

“Rick, are you ready yet”, said Jane, Sammy’s Mother, who was busy dressing up to go to for dinner and the cinema with her husband. Sammy was going to stay at home with the babysitter, Susie who had arrived ten minutes ago.

“Call a Cab, if you cannot find your car keys, dear”, said Jane, as she walked down the stairs in her green dress and white pearl necklace. “Jane, you look beautiful”, said Rick. “Now don’t delay Rick and call the cab fast or we’ll be late for the movies”, said Jane with her lovely smile.

Rick dialled the Cab company. “Yes, and how long will it take to arrive? In ten minutes, great!” said Rick on the phone.

“I wonder where I kept those car keys!” said Rick still searching for it. Sammy was just hoping that the Cab would take time to arrive. Sammy had hidden the car keys to make sure that his Dad and Mum did not use their car that night.

“The Cab has arrived”, yelled Susie the babysitter. Rick and Jane got ready to leave as the cab pulled into the drive-way. “Take care of Sammy”, said Jane, “You got our numbers to call in an emergency”, as she rushed out of the door with Rick going ahead.

Sammy spent the evening with Susie watching a few old cartoons on television, after he had his dinner. Sammy was anxiously hoping that everything was okay with his parents. It was eleven in the night and his parents had not yet returned…

The DVD stopped working and Sam was brought back into his Present Time. Had he succeeded in saving his parents who had both died in a car accident, in 2000AD when he was just ten years old?

Sam looked around his bedroom nervously to spot for any evidence of their presence in his life today. There was nothing.

Sam rushed to look at the card rack in his living room, near the Christmas tree. He feverishly looked at the row and neatly placed in the corner was a colourful card, “Merry Christmas Son!”

Sam breathed a huge sigh of relief and said loudly, “Thank God for Christmas and when Miracles are possible!”


Today is Christmas Day. Sam woke up from sleep and was ready to go for Mass at the local Church. The events of the previous day were wiped out from his memory.

Sam was at the Christmas Mass and as he looked around he felt the Spirit of Christmas fill his mind and his heart. He thought of his girlfriend April who was working as a volunteer for a social service organization in Africa and would arrive back home in the New Year.

Suddenly Sam thought about April’s teenage brother Nick who had disappeared from home a year ago and who was still missing. Maybe if he could go back into the past a day before the disappearance he could prevent Nick from disappearing from home.

When Sam returned home, he slipped in the Time Travel DVD and set off to 2017 back in Time to find Nick. Since Time Travel did not take much time, he would be gone from the present for a few minutes only.

As the DVD started playing, Sam watched his Present dissolve in the Past…..

It was the 14th of June and Sam was with April at her home, with her parents. Nick was nowhere around.

“Sam, will you and April come for Lunch”, said Hillary, April’s Mum. Sam and April who were in the living room, walked into the dining room, where April’s Dad and Mum were waiting to start their meal.

“Where is Nick?,” said Sam who was wondering where the teenager was, as he needed to prevent his from disappearing the next day. Sam and April sat down to have their meal, which was a delicious meal prepared by April’s Mum who was a great chef. The rest of the evening passed off uneventfully with April’s Dad, telling them jokes and her Mum telling them entertaining stories about the old days.

Before Sam left April and her family, he told them to tell Nick that he was going to take him fishing the next day. Since Sam did not see Nick that day, he hoped that he would get the message. Nick was very interested in fishing and this was an offer which he would not be able to resist.

When Sam came back from his Time Travel into his present, he was excited and anxious to see if his mission to save Nick was successful.

Sam checked his Christmas cards and photographs to see if Nick was in any of them. Then as Sam was about to give up, he glanced at the Travel sheet which was on his desk. On the flight plan was mentioned the Arrivals of two passengers, April and her brother Nick, who had accompanied his sister on her trip to do voluntary work in Africa.

Sam had succeeded in saving Nick, his Time Travel Kit had worked. Sam’s Time Travel had only taken ten minutes and he was ready to leave for the Airport to meet April and her brother Nick on Christmas Day! Merry Christmas and the gift of Time Travel, where we can relive all the happy Memories of the past!


Sam woke up early on Boxing Day. Today is Boxing Day, thought Sam to himself and the last day to try his Time Travel Kit for the year. Sam was going to see the future and change the future if possible. Would Sam like his future and could he change it?

He ate his breakfast and then decided to relax for a while in his living room. Sam needed only ten minutes to time travel into his future in 2028. He did need to get back in time to rush to meet his parents and then to meet April for a trip to the amusement park.

Sam slipped the time Travel DVD into the machine and then watched his present vanish before his eyes…. into the future…..

The time traveller looked around worried as everything seemed unfamiliar. He saw wild animals in cages, he saw a pretty blonde woman he did not recognize, he also saw two young children walking in front of them. “Sam darling”, said the blonde, “you look like you’ve seen a ghost”. “No, I’m fine sweetheart”, “my mind was just drifting away.” She gave him a kiss affectionately and slipped her arm around his waist. Sam looked down at her adoring eyes, and spotted her pendant with “Anna”, in gold letters shining brightly.

He wondered why he had arrived into this future in Time and as he looked ahead of him, he knew why!! Sam was shocked to see his young son walking along the narrow ledge over the crocodile pit in the zoo. “Anna, stay calm, as I walk slowly over to him”, said Sam. “Oh my God,” whispered Anna, “go slowly towards Adam, catch him before he falls.”

Silently he moved, it seemed like in slow motion, Sam moved towards Adam. But, as Sam was a few feet away from Adam he saw the boy slip over the ledge. He moved fast. Sam lunged forward and managed to grab onto the end of Adam’s shirt. “Hold on, Adam, I’ll get you out,” yelled Sam. He could hear a lot of movement in the background as he struggled to hold onto the boy’s shirt which was gradually tearing with the weight of the child. Sam used his two hands and started to pull the boy from the ledge. He felt people holding onto him from behind. He just hoped he could save his son. The future began to shift and the scenery changed in front of Sam…….

Sam was back in the present and he had only lost ten minutes of his time. Sam rushed to get ready to leave for the Airport to meet his girlfriend April and her brother Nick.

As April rushed to meet Sam at the Airport, he could not help thinking about the future, the wife, the two children, was it real, was it Time Travel or was it just his imagination? Maybe he could again try his Time Travelling Experiment next year. Only Time would tell if he did change his future….. Have a Happy New Year!

An Original Short Story by Warren Brown

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Amazon Author Warren Brown

Visit the Warren Brown Amazon Author Lens on Squidoo

Amazon Author Warren Brown

180 Ways to Find Your Life Purpose

This lens will help you to discover your Life purpose. I do hope that you enjoy visiting this lens.

180 Ways to Find Your Life Purpose

Henry Louis Vivian Derozio-The Anglo-Indian Poet

Where would you find the greatest Anglo-Indian poet today? In the old burying ground of Calcutta, on the south side of Park Street, amid obelisks, pyramids, pillars and tombs of various forms, at the western extremity," next to the monument of Major Maling on the south,"lies the mortal remains of one of the highest gifted and most accomplished, Henry Louis Vivian Derozio, a poet, philosopher and thinker, who passed away at the age of 22.

Henry Louis Vivian Derozio-The Anglo-Indian Poet


Discover the fascinating history behind Inculturation.


Anglo-Indian Genome Project

The Anglo-Indians are a unique race with the rich,culture history and heritage. To find out more about Anglo-Indians you are welcome to visit the site given below.

Anglo-Indian Genome Project

Tarzan Video Showcase

Was Tarzan fact or fiction? You are welcome to visit my lens on Tarzan created by Edgar Rice Burroughs and leave your comments. Thank you for visiting this blog.

Tarzan Video Showcase

Friday, October 15, 2010

There is a Birthday in Heaven

Today is Mum’s birthday, the 15th of October. My Mum, Joan passed away two years ago. I still miss her and think about her almost every day. I know that Mum will be celebrating her birthday in Heaven with her parents and all her family and friends who had gone before. Mum was very house proud and will have done up her home and prepared a special family meal today. I will also prepare Mum’s favourite dishes today and celebrate her birthday. Happy Birthday Mum!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Books now on Amazon Kindle

Here’s a link to Warren's books in the Kindle store:

A Romantic Time for Rhyme and Success Poetry

Handbook to Fame and Fortune

The Secret Race: Anglo-Indians

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Art - Lapham’s Quarterly

Art - Lapham’s Quarterly

Why You Are Alive and Can Never Die

This is a great article on the concept of time, our presence in the world, our beliefs in the aging process and why we believe that we are mortals. We can always be alive, if we believe that we can never age and die, or something like that! Ha! ha!

Why You Are Alive and Can Never Die

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Book Marketing Network

I joined the Book Marketing Network today. This site has a lot of very useful resources and materials for new and published authors in the field of book marketing. I am looking forward to being a part of this dynamic and powerful social community network.


Monday, August 30, 2010

Home Cooking and Family Values Book Fund by Warren Brown - GoFundMe

Support Home Cooking and Family Values Book Fund

I have written and published a book with the title, "Home Cooking and Family Values", which I would like to purchase and distribute for free to encourage family values in society today. I will be able to purchase about 500 copies for free distribution. The details of the book can be read below and at the web-link given:

A well used kitchen makes a happy home. A woman’s pride was her kitchen. The kitchen used to be the exclusive domain of the housewife a hundred years ago. The situation has changed all around the world today, with more and more women joining the work force and having the dual roles of taking care of the home and attending to career responsibilities. The kitchen is now utilized by the wife, the mother, the husband, the father and the children who are adventurous enough to try their hand at preparing meals. A home is complete when food is regularly prepared in the family kitchen. Cooking a meal for a family is the best feeling for a mother who loves her family.

I do hope that you will encourage, support and contribute towards this Fund Project of mine. Thank you for taking the time to read this Fund Appeal. All the very best to you, your family and that special bond of love and togetherness which most familes enjoy today.
Thank you!
Warm Regards

Warren Brown

Home Cooking and Family Values Book Fund by Warren Brown - GoFundMe

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Great Movies

I have recently set up a new blog called "Great Movies Listings". I intend to list movies of all genres and the reasons I have chosen them for the blog. I will review these movies and draw out thier strengths and weaknesses as well as the inspiration I have drawn from them. I do hope that this blog on movies will have you to appreciate the Magic of Cinema.

            Visit the Great Movies Listing Blog

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Squidoo : Lensmaster Page

I have created a large number of Squidoo lenses. Squidoo lens making is a hobby which I enjoy doing. Making Squidoo lens is a great way to get traffic to your sites, as well as to let the world know about your interests in life.

Squidoo : Lensmaster Page

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Visit the New Arts Cafe Online Blog

You are invited to visit the new Arts Cafe Online Blog.
If you are interested in art then this blog on the latest happenings in Art from around the world will fascinate you.
Every Artist and every individual with an interest in creative art pursuits will find this blog filled with content of great value in time to come. Keep visiting this blog for all the latest information from the world of Art and Entertainment.

                           The Arts Cafe Blog

Art: Over 2,500 Works from Cave to Contemporary

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The New Environment Blog

You are invited to visit the New blog on the Ecology and the Environment. It is time for you to also take responsibility to care for our planet Earth. If you would like to be a Green Guardian you are welcome to visit, learn and participate in learning more about to ecology and environment, so that you can make small changes today.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Marketing For Millions Blog

The Marketing For Millions blog will feature marketing ideas, tips and techniques for creating, developing and effectively marketing of products and services on and off the web.
You are welcome to contribute your unique marketing, production and advertising ideas for the use of all Entrepreneurs on the web.
Welcome to the Marketing For Millions blog.

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Playing it Safe with Pay Pal

I trust Pay Pal for all my Sales and Purchases online. Pay Pal is the safer, faster way to pay online. Use Pay Pal whenever you need to Send Money and Request Money.
Pay Pal has a wide range of merchant services, auction tools alongwith additional products and services.

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Book Preview "Reasons to Live"

This is a collection of some of the best Reasons to Live or some of the ways to discover your life purpose. The reasons to live extend from taking care of your family to taking a trip into outer space and sitting with your loved one in a Gondola in Venice.

There are a number of chapters on a variety of topics, which can guide you into finding something which is suitable for you. We all have a number of abilities, talents, likes and dislikes. This guide book does not provide you with all the answers, but it does help you to begin your quest in finding your life purpose.

This book was created for the sole reason to help and encourage everyone, who is confused in life and does not know his or her life purpose.

If you happen to discover one reason to make your life more worthwhile and meaningful, then I have succeeded, in assisting you to discover the meaning, purpose and the magnificence of your life and destiny.

Book Preview "Reasons to Live"

Book Preview of "Handbook to Fame and Fortune"

The Handbook to fame and fortune will guide you onto the path of becoming famous. When you have all the fame that you need, you will find that you will also have all the money you need at your disposal.

You possess the greatest fortune and yet you do not know it. Your wealth lies within you and it is in the form of your talent, which is waiting to be discovered. Now how would you go about discovering the talent that you have within you?.

We all have the potential to be Millionaires. No doubt a certain amount of luck is also necessary, for any venture which we attempt in life. This book will be a useful guide for those who are interested in becoming famous and rich. There is also hard work involved, as well as an investment into your own personality and abilities. I do hope that you enjoy this attempt of mine to present to you the reader, a comprehensive method to becoming famous and rich independently.

Book Preview of "Handbook to Fame and Fortune"

Book Preview: Anglo-Indian Race Preservation Course

The Anglo-Indian Race Preservation Course

Welcome to the Anglo-Indian Race Preservation course.
Anglo-Indians are the only English speaking, Christian community in India, whose Mother tongue is English and who have a Western lifestyle in the sub-continent of India. Anglo-Indians originated during the Colonial period in India. When British soldiers and traders had affairs or married Indian women their offspring came to be known as Anglo-Indians or Eurasians in history.
There are not many Anglo-Indians or people of Anglo-Indian origins who will openly admit to being Anglo-Indians. Most Anglo-Indians today who live outside India, prefer to saying that they are Australian, British, Canadian or American, than admitting to their Anglo-Indian race origins. This is partly due to the fact of the racial prejudices in Western society today. In the West, everyone from India or Pakistan is termed as Asian. The fact is that India is filled with a large number of races and minority communities, where each race is very different from the north, south, east and west of India. India was invaded by a number of races over the centuries, many on them settled down and lived with the natives. This accounts for the very different facial features, physical characteristics, heritage, culture and traditions, which each of the races have in India.
Anglo-Indians are therefore not just Asians, but they are Anglo-Indians, who have their own unique race, culture, heritage and traditions.
The Anglo-Indians in India are gradually reducing in numbers. A large number of the Anglo-Indians immigrated to the West from the 1940s after India's Independence in 1947.

In the 21st century, there are still Anglo-Indians being born in India and in the West, especially when British or European men marry, have romantic liaisons and have children from Indian women.
Anglo-Indians are a secret race which is worth being discovered by those who do not have any idea about this unique minority race in India and now firmly established in the West.
The opinions expressed in this book, on the Anglo-Indian community are my own views and opinions. My writings on the A-I community, will not be the views expressed by all members of the Anglo-Indian community and race.
If you enjoy reading this course because you are Anglo-Indian then refer this course to your friends, relatives and pass it down to your children and grand-children.
If you are a member of any other minority race, then you will find this book useful. There are a number of features which I have included to make this book interesting. The tools for race preservation have been explored in this course, and can be used by any race or culture, in need of preservation.

Book Preview: Anglo-Indian Race Preservation Course

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hubbing Hobby

Popular Hubs on Hubpages:

How are Celebrities Made?

Meditating on Fame and Fortune When ordinary people do extraordinary things in the public eye

Poetry Therapy
I Believe that Poetry is Therapeutic.I enjoy writing, reading and listening to poetry.

What are the...secretsofsuccess?
Think Success: If you think Success you can be a Success. How can we think Success?

The Eclipse of the Sun and other poems

Clerihew for You
A Clerihew is a mildly witty, pseudo-biographical verse of four lines of varying length rhyming.

Calcutta "Khichiri" Pish-Pash
Calcutta is one of those cities with a vibrant personality, filled with the bustle of activity.

Keeper of Knowledge
He is the person who has the duty and the responsibility of taking care of books.

Inspirational Chair
When we are tired, we sit on a chair, sip a cold drink, relax and philosophize.

Souls,Energy,Magnetic Blood
Where do we come from? We all wonder where we will go to when we die, will it be Heaven?

Hubbing Hobby

The Lost Art of the Ninjas and Shoguns

They were called the shadow warriors in Japan. The Ninjas were the secret assassins who dressed in black and moved like the shadows in the night. The Ninjas were a force to reckon with in medieval Japan. The art of the Ninja warrior still exists to this day.

The Shoguns were the warriors on the battlefield with their own strict training and a strong code of Honour and ethics. The Shoguns were also well known in medieval times for their loyalty to thier Masters. The legends of the Shoguns will live forever in the annals of history as the Noble Warriors.

To find out more about the Ninjas and the Shoguns with their colourful legends and myths visit the link given below:

The Lost Art of the Ninjas and Shoguns

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Blog Profit Camp-John Book Book Free

Get the latest book by John Chow using this link on how to Blog for Profit. This book has a lot of useful tips and techniques for anyone to make a profitable blog on the web.

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FREE Forex Robot

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Articles on Ezines get me Traffic

Warren Brown's Expert Author Email Alerts
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Tips on Creating an Information product

If you have a Hobby, you are passionate about, then these are the steps to creating an Information product.

1. List everything you like about your Hobby.

2. Find all the information you can find related to your hobby.

3. Compile your information.

4. List all the benefits others can get from this Hobby.

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The Link to the Big Information Creation Discussion

The Bucket List

I always wanted to publish books on my Internet work, on cooking and on internet marketing. I have successfully completed this item on my bucket list, this year. I have completed ten books, which are now featured on Amazon.

The second item on my list is to complete a fiction novel. I am presently working on this project and hope to complete it this year.

The third item on my list is to bring about positive changes in the world, either with a global project or a concept which will help people to all make a difference. This is a lifetime project, I feel.

The Bucket List Keeps on Growing

Friday, June 04, 2010

Writers Net

I have now joined one of the largest writing communities on the web for Writers. You are welcome to visit my Profile on Writers Net. Thank you for taking the time to visit.

                   Warren on Writers Net

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Book Preview of "Handbook to Fame and Fortune"

Read about the secret to fame and fortune in this useful and practical handook.

Book Preview of "Handbook to Fame and Fortune"

Book preview "Snow Storm Marketing Course" by Warren Brown

Read the book on Snow Storm Marketing and learn the techniques for creating, developing and marketing your own products and service on the web.

Book preview "Snow Storm Marketing Course" by Warren Brown

Robin Hood Video Showcase

Have you watched the latest Robin Hood with Russell Crowe and what did you think about it?
Who was the best Robin Hood of all time?
Watch the Videos on this Squidoo lens and decide for yourself.

Robin Hood Video Showcase

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Book Preview "Reasons to Live"

Are you in search of something in life?
Do you feel lost and need to find a life purpose?
Do you need a reason to live?
If you are struggling to find answers and need to find direction in life, then you need to read "Reasons to Live by Warren Brown.

Book Preview "Reasons to Live"

Getting a Storm of Traffic

If you have a product or service and you want to get the word out try using this traffic system for great results.

Getting a Storm of Traffic

Book Preview: Anglo-Indian Race Preservation Course

1. The Anglo-Indian Genome Project
2. A Calcutta November
3. Discovering Daring Derozio the Poet
4. Remembering Our Anglo-Indian Heroes
5. The Goethals Indian Library and Research Centre
6. Calcutta to Kolkata and Calcuttans to Kolkatans
7. The Calcutta Anglo-Indian Experience
8. An Anglo-Indian Comic Collector

9. Anglo-Indian Limericks
10. Immortal Mortals- An Anglo-Indian short story
11. The English Language in India
12. On the Indigo Trail in 19th Century India
13. Anglo-Indian Jazz in Calcutta
14. Anglo-Indian Movies and Stars
15. Anglo-Indians and Genealogy
16. Anglo-Indian Poetry: The Origin and the Victoria Cross

and more Modules. You are welcome to visit the web-link given below.

Book Preview: Anglo-Indian Race Preservation Course

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Publish Success Storefront -

I have just updated my Publish Success website. I have added a number of new and exciting features and opportunities. Take the time to visit my site and send me your feedback.

Publish Success Storefront -

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lady of the Sea and other Poems: Warren Brown: Books

The latest book of Poems by Warren Brown. The topics and themes in this book range from Robin Hood,the Lady of the Sea,the History of London and the Millionaire Method. There are a total of 75 poems on a variety of topics. Click to Look Inside the book and enjoy the preview for yourself.

Lady of the Sea and other Poems: Warren Brown: Books

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Discussion: American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI) | LinkedIn

Do Copywriters develop into great writers and authors? Is it practical to self publish your books and why?
I did the AWAI copywriting course. I have published ten books on Lulu and I really enjoy the whole process of writing and publishing.

Discussion: American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI) | LinkedIn

Yanik Silver’s Internet Lifestyle Blog

Discover the unique idea of the "Napkin Business Book" created by Yanik Silver, author, Internet Marketer and Entrepreneur.

Yanik Silver’s Internet Lifestyle Blog

David on CNN Headline News…(and YOU too) | Get Paid For Who You Are#comment-4126#comment-4126

Watch the CCN interview with David Wood, the Author of "Get Paid for Who You Are". A video worth watching.

David on CNN Headline News…(and YOU too) | Get Paid For Who You Are#comment-4126#comment-4126

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Author Bibliography on Amazon UK

I have just completed my Author Bibliography on Amazon UK. On my Author profile on Amazon UK are my latest books alongwith a video promotion.

Amazon UK Author Profile

Monday, May 03, 2010

Positive World Newsletter- 3 May 2010

Dear Newsletter Subscribers,

Today is the 3rd of May, with a long weekend, the bank holiday sales and the Elections to look forward to this month. I saw the latest superhero movie today, Iron Man 2 and throroughly enjoyed the movie with all special effects and some of the best film dialogues I have heard for a long time.

Last month was a busy month for me. I completed ten of my book projects successfully, which are now on sale on Amazon and at my Lulu book store. I have also completed two promotional book videos which can be viewed on my You Tube channel. I was also busy working on Squidoo creating some Book Review lenses, for the latest books I have written and published.

It is essential in life to believe in something. I believe in the power of the written word and in the phenomenal potential of the world wide human web. After all it is we humans who use the web with its vast potential. It is upto every one of us to use the web for all the positive reasons for the benefit of mankind.

If you have a hobby, talent or an interest, I would advise you to pursue it with all your enthusiasm and in time, you will have found your mission in life. A positive Mind can make our world a positive place to live.

Warm Regards


Book Preview of "The Secret Race: Anglo-Indians" by Warren Brown

Book Preview of "World Recipes for a Home Catering Business" by Warren Brown

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Sunday, May 02, 2010

The Silver Bullet Method

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010 Warren Brown: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

You are welcome to visit Warren Brown's Author Profile page on Amazon.
A few of the titles to look out for are given below:
World Recipes for a Home Catering Business
The Secret Race: Anglo-Indians
Anglo-Indian Race Preservation Course
Lady of the Sea and other Poems and many others. There are also a few books which Warren has published on Amazon Kindle. Warren Brown: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Book preview "Snow Storm Marketing Course" by Warren Brown

Created a Squidoo lens on my latest internet marketing book, "Snow Storm Marketing Course".

Book preview "Snow Storm Marketing Course" by Warren Brown

Book Preview "Reasons to Live"

I have just created a Squidoo lens with a book preview of my latest book, "Reasons to Live".

Book Preview "Reasons to Live"

Book Preview of "Handbook to Fame and Fortune"

A Squidoo site on "The Handbook to Fame and Fortune" by Warren Brown. Order your copy of the book today.
Book Preview of "Handbook to Fame and Fortune"

Book Review of "The Secret Race: Anglo-Indians"

Visit my Squidoo Lens to read Excerpts from my latest book, "The Secret Race: Anglo-Indians".

Book Review of "The Secret Race: Anglo-Indians"

The Business of Life Insurance

We all care about our lives, the lives of our loved ones, our families, our property, career and our homes. Life is so unpredictable sometimes and so those of us who would like to take care of our homes, lives, property and homes for our families decide on taking out Insurances. In this day and age in the 21st century almost everything and everyone is insured. There are several types of Insurances and the most important ones are Life Insurance and Funeral Insurance. One of the best ways to know which is the best Insurance policy to start, is to request for Life Insurance quotes from a variety of Life Insurance companies.
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Top Stories on Zimbio

I have recently joined a well designed site called Zimbio with some great content. This site has some fantastic new and zines on a variety of topics.
My Zimbio
Top Stories
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A Blogging Sunday

Today is a great and bright Sunday to go out in the sunshine, to spend time with friends and family and to do a bit of blogging.
I am also looking forward to creating a few more lenses on Squidoo on my book previews. I have completed writing and publishing ten new books on a variety of topics from Snowstorm Marketing to the Anglo-Indian community, cooking world famous recipes and Life Coaching.
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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Accidents Happen Unexpectedly

I remember the time when my wife and I had an accident a year ago. We were crossing the empty street, on a rainy day, on our way to work and a car came around the corner and knocking us over. The ambulance arrived on the scene and so did the police. Anyway, we were not seriously injured. The driver was a young mother on the school run with her two young children.

Accidents can happen at any time and anywhere without prior warning. There are so many types of accidents, from slips, trips to falls as we make our way across to live our lives. The ones which can be quite fatal are the road accidents. But, on the other hand, even an ordinary fall at home or on the sports field could be equally life threatening. There are several injury law firms today who can help you to claim compensation. After all, who would want to pay a lawyer a fee when there is no compensation obtained for the victim of the accident.

It is always a good idea to do research on the web to find out the names of those law firms, lawyers and solicitors, who have a suitable claim policy. People nowadays claim for even falling over a pot-hole, or an uneven slab of concrete on a pavement.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Genealogy website

I have just updated my Squidoo lens on Genealogy. I have added a lot of new and interesting information, which can help you to discover more about your family history.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Discover Parallel Universes by Warren Brown in Science Fiction & Fantasy

Discover Parallel Universes, is a book which attempts to uncover the Secrets of Parallel Universes. This is an entertaining and interesting approach to discovering parallel universes. The author uses a number of tools with meditation to help the reader to discover the reality and the science behind Parallel Universes.

Discover Parallel Universes by Warren Brown in Science Fiction & Fantasy

World Recipes for a Home Catering Business by Warren Brown in Cooking

This book written by Warren Brown is for those who enjoy cooking and would like to know how to prepare dishes from around the world for fame and profit.
You can become an instant hit with your family and friends.Start your own Home Catering Business with these delicious recipes.
You can develop the talent of cooking dishes from around the world.This talent can later make you a profit from a Catering business of your own.
If you or a friend have a passion and a talent for cooking,buy this book today.

World Recipes for a Home Catering Business by Warren Brown in Cooking

Powerful New 3-Minute Exercise Improves Memory and Brain Power

Practise this simple, yet effective 3 minute exercise to improve your Memory and Brain Power.You can always hope for a Miracle and to become someone as intelligent as Einstein or Thomas Edison.

Powerful New 3-Minute Exercise Improves Memory and Brain Power

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Squidoo : Lensmaster Workshop

Superman the Kryptonian is a legend in the Comic Universe.Get to know more about this amazing Superhero by visiting this lens on Squidoo.

Squidoo : Lensmaster Workshop

Squidoo : Lensmaster Workshop

Listen to the advice of these successful Entrepreneurs and learn the Secrets of generating automatic income streams.

Squidoo : Lensmaster Workshop

Squidoo : Lensmaster Workshop

Find out what Life Coaching is about and how it can make a difference in your life.

Squidoo : Lensmaster Workshop

Squidoo : Lensmaster Workshop

Read the items listed in the newsroom and get tips on making money.

Squidoo : Lensmaster Workshop

Turn Your Desktop Computer into a Money Machine

A Collection of unique ideas for generating money using the medium of the internet.

Turn Your Desktop Computer into a Money Machine

20 websites that will save you money | Yahoo! Finance

Fantastic Ideas on Saving Money and have a great time doing it.

20 websites that will save you money | Yahoo! Finance

Summer Reads

This Summer Explore the World of Warren Brown with these books. Impostor Assassin Mask of Evil Supernova: A collection of Scienc...